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06-Feb-2015 18:59

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A baby sex porn “deviant” from Moreno Valley who advertised child pornography in a members-only chat room for perverts desiring infants and toddlers was sentenced Monday in Los Angeles to nearly 20 years behind bars. Harper was found guilty in July by Klausner, who presided over a two-day bench trial on the advertising child pornography charge. Evidence presented at trial showed that Harper used the Kik Messenger social media platform to access a chat room for those interested in nepiophilia, which is a sexual interest in infants and toddlers. As a result of the investigation, federal agents obtained a search warrant for Harper’s home.

At one point, according to court papers, the defendant wrote: “I have tons of pics and vids of little boys and girls. “Law enforcement will continue to respond to the increased use of online platforms by vigorously investigating the dark corners of the Internet where criminals attempt to hide offenses like the trafficking and promotion of child pornography,” she said. Just prior to trial, Harper pleaded guilty to distributing child porn and possession of child porn, according to the U. During the execution of the warrant a year ago, agents seized various digital devices that contained child porn and Harper admitted to using Kik to transmit child porn.

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