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Ooh, but I really want you to leave.” GROHL: Well, he’s a man. Is there any way that I could bring him to the wedding?

GROHL: Do you have any personal wedding horror stories? So we write up these really normal vows, and about a week before the wedding, she says, “You know, I don’t want to impose, but my son is a huge fan.

GROHL: I mean, not crazy, but I got married in my backyard, so we found this person who married people, and we go to her house to talk about writing the vows, and the first thing she asks is if we want to do a Native American ceremony. GROHL: Well, not really, because we’re not Native American. So at our wedding, instead of having a DJ, we had this Beatles tribute band called The Fab Four. They start at Ed Sullivan, and by the end, Lennon has a beard. Pepper, and I run into the tent where they were playing, and the kid was doing crazy Widespread Panic dances.

WIIG: I do remember people telling me that I talked funny.

When I moved to Rochester, I would always say, “I’m just joshing you.” Everyone was like, “Why are you saying that?

DAVE GROHL: You know, the Foo Fighters played on the first that you were ever on. KRISTEN WIIG: I’ve just about finished my sixth season. GROHL: Well, I’ve got to say that you’re probably the biggest crush of any— WIIG: What?! For whatever reason, most rock ’n’ roll dudes relate to you out of any other woman on the cast. When they hear it coming out of your face, it’s a little fucking creepy. WIIG: In the beginning, it was about what it is really like to be in a wedding.

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, the cast of indelible characters that Kristen Wiig has unleashed on the late-night viewing public—Aunt Linda, a film critic with terrible taste; Penelope, the compulsive one-upper; Gilly, a schoolgirl who says sorry after violent pranks on her classmates; the Target Lady—have become iconic in an era when iconography is in short supply.

Her deep repertoire of impersonations, which range from Suze Orman and Kathie Lee Gifford to Nancy Pelosi and Michele Bachmann, are cut from similar cloth: brilliantly lacking in self-awareness; often inflated in their senses of self-worth; almost universally socially awkward; and eminently recognizable as individuals.

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