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Follow the black panther that pads her way deeper and deeper into this forest, the scenery slowly changing, shifting, now the trees are unlike any seen before.

Ancient, tall trees, their bark and branches twisting, moss covering their surface, even hanging like curtains from high above.


Now for the room.----------- A very faint, winding path through a forest, containing familiar species of trees.

As children volunteered to join the gang of John and give their bodies for experiments. Catunder Clones - ordinary minions who created the Doc from Catunder DNA Hi again!

Catunder was kidnapped and taken to the post of his gang mad scientist.​ Fire and Ice - Twin sister of Catunder's gang.

At the moment are the best soldiers in the team of Catunder and his bodyguards.​ And I create new character.

After several years of experimentation sisters received the power of the elements. Sharing a few original pics which may or may not tickle your fancy.

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Star Cop - Star Cop is common superhuman (like Captain America). A large clearing lays before you, but it is far from empty.Before you is a tall, very old building, so old that the very trees themselves have grown into and around the structure.Inside, majestic pillars coated in moss, vines and branches rise up from the stone floor, which one must look carefully to see.

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Glistening streams wind around, even through, the bases of the trees, trickling pleasantly over the river stones contained within.The big cat vanishes for a moment and you scramble to keep up with her, and stop, for what is before you is quite a sight.

The Artstar factory was the Tendura factory and I was hoping that Lt Commander Roadster was going to join the dots here..he is probably busy in the engine room fiddling with the warp drive Captain Ibanez "1984 to 1996 example serial number F232104 F=Fujigen 2=1992 as an example 3=March production So 1=Jan 12=Dec 2104 guitar built for that month 2104th made 1975 to 1983 Example serial number C800358 C=March So A=Jan M=Dec 80 = 1980 year of build 0358= 358th guitar built for that month. I didn't see any reference to a "P" factory prefix.… continue reading »

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In November 2009, he married to Indian film actress Shilpa Shetty.… continue reading »

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I wanted to be supportive but at the same time, I was still in high school, it was a really rough piece of news to receive.… continue reading »

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You will always be able to count on your Cancer love.… continue reading »

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