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Or writing and a new story, and lying in bed at night thinking about a character in a story whose journey has finished in a book already launched?

Etaine from The Emerald Serpent is having that effect...

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Paperwork: the biggest reason why Detective Shawn Henry had kinks in his neck and back the size of potatoes.

Her books have captured the hearts of many readers across the world, Many of us were v... The Bureau of Land Management released a video clip of what looked to be a strange creature in the Chena River.

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Read more of this blog post » Kalisha was a guest commentator for Season 2 of TV One Channel’s series “For My Man.” Kalisha appears to provide viewers background information on the show’s subjects and case histories, as well as offer insights into human nature and motivations behind criminal behavior. Well, now I am proud and excited to announce details on casebook one of The Veterinary Detective Series:***ALL THE LTTLE EVILS is being released, today, Novembe... I probably voted more often than most people did, but I wasn't consistent except when it came to Presidential elections. Read more of this blog post » The mystery surrounding Mrs.Read more of this blog post » WHY I VOTE EVERY ELECTION... Then one day, I was sitting at home watching the news when the Tiananmen Massacre ha... Click here to vote for "Best Young Adult Fiction": https:// Under "Write-in Vote" at the bottom, type in "Marinello-Sweeney". Hudson's identity has been well and frequently described. Hudson is the "long-suffering" landlady at 221B Baker Street, an extraordinarily patient woman able to tolerate her lodger's "incredible untidiness, ... Read more of this blog post » Ever started reading a new book and found yourself hankering for a character in the previous one?

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