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Our aim is to offer travellers a broad spectrum of superb and unparalleled experiences in each of our diverse destinations.We understand that each traveller is unique, so the utmost care and attention is taken to ensure that varying tastes, expectations and requirements are met.The hunter who thrust the spear on that long-ago day didn't just bring down the mastodon; he also helped to kill off the reigning theory of how people got to the Americas.

It was perfect prey for a band of hunters, wielding spears tipped with needle-sharp points made from bone.Sensing an easy target, they closed in for the kill. Created by way of a 2011 merger of Caraville Travel & Tours (CTT) and International Travel & Tours (ITT), Inspirations Travel & Tours has today grown into a diversified and multifaceted Travel Company.With an enviable reputation for customer service and dedication, our team combines many years of expertise from actually having been there, from selecting the best value options and staying in touch with the feedback we get from our many clients!

Book a holiday to extraordinary locations with Inspirations Travel & Tours!

Whether you are looking for amazing sunsets, wild adventures or just relaxing tours, we will find the perfect holiday that suits you.

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