Cavemen and dating

17-Feb-2015 08:01

Confectionery historian Tim Richardson has created a timeline to show how our love of sweet foods has developed over the centuries.

The chronology includes Stone Age cave paintings showing our early ancestors raiding bee hives for honeycomb to get their sweet fix.

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It also shows how old favourites have been redesigned with new flavours and sizes as well as limited editions in more recent years.

Chewing gum was created in 1871, by a New York entrepreneur, with bubble gum following in 1926 after being invented by Walter Diemer, an accountant at a Philadelphia sweets firm.

And as the years went on, the first lollipops are thought to have been enjoyed back in 1550AD, gums and pastilles came in during the 1650s while toffee was a favourite in the 1890s.

Boiled sweets, chewing and bubble gum, liquorice, sherbet, marshmallows and the popular "a quarter of" type sweets are also detailed in the timeline, which shows how our sweet-loving taste buds have evolved over the centuries.

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