Catholic dating rules

18-Jan-2016 06:22

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Do not play mind games and apply silly dating rules like calling after 3 days, texting an hour later, have some back bone man! If it doesn’t fit, be blunt and just say it, she won’t die from it but you better not boomerang. If your intentions are more “physically” inclined, then we know you’re going to lie through your teeth and paint a nice picture for her, just don’t over do it you mythomane! Do not punch above your weight, then when the girl settles because she’s actually nice and unmaterialistic, you suddenly feel superior and proud11.

And NO you may not break up with her by text, a facebook message or a voicemail. Counselling is free and available on the NHS and commitment-phobia is a serious condition12.

She isn’t your booty-call, not without her permission that is15. Just grow up or act your age (vague I know…reminds me of someone)17. Paying for dinner and opening doors aren't reserved for Gentlemen, they’re reserved for people with manners21.

It’s really ok to be slightly less good in bed than Casanova, but a basic of female anatomy is really a minimum26. If you are homosexual, don’t use her as your cover story28.

Don’t fake a terminal brain condition, she will not stay with you for sympathy you psycho29.

Well first of all, I suggest you check the girl hasn't got any colossal brothers who can come and break you in half before starting to mess her about2.

Do not approach if you have no intention to stick around3.

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Do not give her mixed messages, try to be clear on your intentions from the off, she’ll respect you for it and it just avoids a lot of agro13. Don’t lie, women are very intuitive and can smell it a mile away, and your Pinocchio nose is invisible to all but to us.19.If you have been Two-timing, then know that you are scum14. You should read about me it’ll come in handy20.