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Gutted by a string of unfortunate events—including a breakup, the death of a pet, the cancellation of a huge book project, and surgery—she was on her last nerve.Jennifer Worick has interviewed therapists, CIA and FBI agents, stuntwomen, dating coaches, doctors,and university administrators to bring you the funniest stories and advice about dating, sex and college. College students will find their stress levels ebbing as they learn coping tools and hear about all the things that chap Jen’s hide on a daily basis. She created — a blog, a book, and now a lecture that uses her signature cheeky humor to diffuse her frustrations. That’s when she decided to turn her frown upside down. Pretty much everything and everyone annoyed her or triggered tears.

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This is the frank, funny talk that Jennifer wishes she had been able to attend in college.She has appeared on The Today Show, ABC’s World News Now, NPR’s All Things Considered, and been interviewed for Cosmopolitan, Allure, Seventeen, the Los Angeles Times, The Detroit Free Press, the New York Post, USA Today Weekend magazine, Teen People, Men’s Health, and the Washington Post, among others.