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I have included some notes on this upheaval and Plantation to give a basic understanding of its circumstances and effect both materially and psychologically on the dispossessed lowland Catholic farmers who had to seek their existence on the inhospitable slopes and high ground of the Sperrins.The effect of the Williamite wars and the Plantation is still with us some 455 years after it happened.Some bits and pieces of information on local places and people who have influenced the area and thus the people who lived there throughout the centuries are also included.It cannot be stressed enough that in order that the psyche of the people of this area especially the original Catholic Irish is understood it is essential to have a good understanding of the political and social upheaval of the area circa 1600 onwards after the fall of the O'Neills.

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Catholic and Protestant basically the native Catholic Irish and the descendants of the Plantation Protestant settlers from circa 1600 onwards.The latter displacement we have a very good record of in the following pages.A short history of the Quinn family resident at Cnocknaskinna Beaghmore Cookstown Co.Tyrone Ireland circa 1795-until the present with family tree information from 1725 some 270 years.

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The is the core problem of the "Northern Ireland Problem". Londonderry after the old city was taken over by the Trades Guilds of London the Drapers Vintners etc. One should also note that Scotland and indeed Wales were also "planted" but the effect was not so reactive as the religion of the planted and planter was generally the same after the Reformation.For the purist "The Plantation" in particular is mostly referred to as the "Plantation of Ulster" and this applies in particular to the lands between the Foyle and the Roe. The fact that the "native Irish " were Catholic was a key difference causing great problems even to this day.

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