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28-Nov-2015 15:49

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Patrick Zukeran reviews the discovery of and important historical findings from the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The texts discovered provide clear evidence as to the accuracy of our version of the Old Testament and the care with which it was preserved.

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Their hope was that one day the scrolls would be retrieved and restored to the nation of Israel. It is at this time that the Qumran community was overrun and occupied by the Roman army.Their studies of the Old Testament Scriptures led them to believe that God’s judgment upon Jerusalem was imminent and that the anointed one would return to restore the nation of Israel and purify their worship.Anticipating this moment, the Essenes retreated into the Qumran desert to await the return of their Messiah.Lowering himself into the cave, he discovered several sealed jars. To his disappointment, he found them to contain leather scrolls.

Worship at the sacred Jerusalem Temple had become corrupt, with seemingly little hope for reform.A group of devoted Jews removed themselves from the mainstream and began a monastic life in the Judean desert.