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03-May-2015 07:25

Describe your experience with conventional doctors and treatments: My name is Lindsey, and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. He did the usual urine and blood test and announced it was a bladder infection. I had been to the doctor three times before about experiencing pain in my lower abdomen.I was crying, maybe from relief, because I just knew there was something else.Apparently, while in the process of removing my ovary and cyst, they noticed something wrong with my colon, but closed me up anyway. But after that operation, my colon and bladder had been punctured.What follows is just too horrible to talk about, but slowly my body was becoming septic…and then, they sent me home.I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that I was a private patient.My gynecologist, bless her, in her good conscience, used her contacts to get a surgeon to operate at another much cheaper hospital, and a day later, I am in the ward waiting.Weeks of antibiotics later, I was sicker than ever.

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I surprised everyone with my quick recovery and the doctors were happy with my progress, just one final CT scan to make sure that I don’t have any remaining infection, and then I can go home. Brett had come to fetch me – we were waiting for a doctor to discharge me.I was already dressed when I watched his face and body movements as he walked towards me – I knew then!