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19-May-2016 08:31

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Even if i manage to catch all notes i have the problem, that just 11/12 notes spawn...

then the screen fades to black and nothing happens anymore =/ tested with FF and Chrome.

Hi, I'll have a look to see if there is an issue - unfortunately I'll be travelling for next 12 hrs or so, but I'll get back to you when I have investigated.

Prakrit *Certificate Course in Sanskrit *Certificate Course in Prakrit *Lower Diploma Course in Sanskrit *Lower Diploma Course in Prakrit *Higher Diploma Course in Sanskrit *Higher Diploma Course in Prakrit *M.

Diploma in Indian Logic & Episthemology *Certificate course in Manuscriptology *Diploma in Manuscriptology *P.

Berlin is Germany's hot spot number one: international, intercultural and the leading German city in terms of innovations and start-ups – exactly the right location for yout to kick-start your international career with an English Master's Programme.

Historical sites, museums, theatres, music bars and trendy clubs make Germany's capital a city full of opportunities.

Certificate course in Indian Poetics and Aesthetics *P. Certificate course in Sanskrit and Other Indian Literature *P.

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If you know how to get the Java Script console output, please send this to problem here on safari on a macand how to play the video game?No clueand if you play in dutch, (belgium, a kot is no house, thats belgiums i thinkafther the first scene its freezeenglish no problem How do i proceed in the first band scene ?