Cameron diaz and adam levine dating

29-Mar-2016 09:17

And while most of them probably want to forget this little stage in their lives after seeing his latest dye job, the Maroon 5 frontman is apparently not about to let that happen. According to Us Weekly, he has maybe come to his senses and realized that ignoring phone calls and then breaking news of his new engagement via text message just might not be acceptable behavior.

Set to marry his Behati Prinsloo this summer, Levine is apparently feeling some guilt about his relationships past.

Nor because Levine’s comedic timing went totally missing (again, "make-up drum lesson").

And not because I was simply over it about half way through, but rather because so many of this week's sketches represented high school archetypes. Each star helped shoulder the comedy load, and let Levine focus on where his true talents apparently lie: in taking his shirt off.

And throw in Bill Hader as John Mayer and Jason Sudekis as Jason Mraz?! This one had potential to do great things, but fell into typical amateur traps, and after transferring schools a couple times, came back to town in the end to work as a parking lot attendant.

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The High School Grad Who Comes Back to Party: Remember when Andy Samberg left in a blaze of glory, tying up his Digital Short legacy with a bow by not only creating a blowout 100th Digital Short (featuring Usher, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Will Ferrell, Natalie Portman, and Michael Bolton), but closing the circle nicely with Lazy Sunday 2? Well guess who came back from college to drink at the golf course with this year’s upper classmen? by doing a Digital Short where they rap about YOLO, an acronym that is beyond ancient in internet time.Andy and his Lonely Island cohorts teamed up with Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar to relive the good old days . Better names for the video would have been SMH or zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.