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16-Dec-2015 07:39

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The Commission just tabled a proposal to ratify the Istanbul Convention on combating violence against women; a clear signal that now is the time to step up our collective action.The European Union is also committed to taking forward the new 2030 United Nations Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals, which includes a strong commitment to advance gender equality and empower women and girls around the world.In humanitarian emergencies, including the current refugee crises, the European Union strives to ensure that its humanitarian assistance responds to specific gender needs, in particular the vulnerabilities of migrant women.We are taking steps to empower women, to fight for their rights and their equal access to economic resources, and to address all forms of violence against women and girls, especially trafficking, female genital mutilation and early or forced marriage.

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Also within the Commission we will continue our strong commitment to gender equality. We celebrate their role in society, at work, in our families and lives.We also remember their suffering, hardship and injustice, which for many is still a reality today.It is also true that we must promote gender equality not just today, on International Women's Day, but every day.

Since the very start of our European project, the European Union has been committed to achieving gender equality both within our borders and across the globe. More and more women both within the European Union and beyond have equal opportunities in the world of work, and are leaders in every field, be it business, politics or education.Women, as key agents and drivers of sustainable development and sustainable peace, have a crucial role to play in a world so hard hit by conflict and inequality.