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She has been involved in several collaborative grants and international research networks, such as research supported by a GDN grant “Explaining the Dynamics of Institutional Change, Policy Choices and Economic Outcomes during Post-communist Transition”, an International Policy Fellowship supported by OSF, and other individual and collaborative projects.

Her current research focuses on the effects of privatization and more broadly, economic reforms on mortality and other health outcomes in Russia, Belorussia and Hungary. (2015) ‘L’avènement de l’intellectuel enraciné: Nouvelles formes de critique et d’engagement publics.’ In: Le tournant de la théorie critique, ed.

Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (2014-); PI for the UK team of the EU Collaborative Project Programme 'Cooperation - socioeconomic sciences and humanities' FP7-SSH-2012-2 (2013-17); Leverhulme Research Fellowship (2012-13); British Academy small research grant (2011-13); Pilkington Teaching Prize University of Cambridge (2005); British Academy research grant (2003); doctoral research awards from the British Council (twice 1987, 1988); doctoral research grant from Nuffield College, Oxford (1989); doctoral and post-doctoral research awards from the National Fund for Scientific Research Belgium (3 times, 1987, 1988, 1991).

2007 Patrick Baert is Professor of Social Theory at the University of Cambridge. Baert (2017) ‘Cultural trauma, counter-narratives and dialogical intellectuals: the works of Murakami Haruki and Mori Tatsuya in the context of the Aum Affair.’ In: Theory and Society. (2016) ‘The philosopher as public intellectual.’ In: Public Intellectualism in Comparative Context, ed. Desch, Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, pp.

He is interested in sociology of culture, sociology of intellectuals, social theory and philosophy of social science.

Aytalina’s interests include Russian and post-Soviet politics, the comparative study of development of markets on sub-national level, electoral systems and accountability in Russian regions, and informal institutions in developing democracies.

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Amongst his publications are : Co-Chair (2014-) and Executive Member (2006-) of the Research Committee on Social Theory (RC16) of the International Sociological Association; Vice-President for Publications (2005-7) and Executive member (2003-2007) of the European Sociological Association; Chair of the Social Theory Network of the European Sociological Association (2001-7). - Baert, P., (1998a) Social Theory in the 20th Century. Publisher: Taiwan Mega Publication (2007) translated into Simplified Character Chinese. Publisher: Shanghai Translation Publishing House (2002) .

Co-organiser of conference 'The Drama of Intellectual Life; Performativity in the Study of Ideas' (Cambridge, May 2015); Member of organisation committee of conference ‘Knowledge and Society’ ESA-social theory conference (Madrid, 2006); Co-organiser of conference ‘What is Theory for? Cambridge / New York: Polity Press & New York University Press.

SIMPSON, Research Assistant Dr MATTHEW SPARKES, Teaching Associate ^ T Prof GÖRAN THERBORN, Emeritus Professor Prof JOHN THOMPSON, Professor of Sociology Bence Tóth, Research Assistant ^ U ^ V Dr JULIETA VARTABEDIAN, Affiliated Researcher ^ W Professor LOIC WACQUANT, Pitt Professor 2016-17 Dr PEGGY WATSON, Senior Research Fellow Dr DARIN WEINBERG, University Reader, Director of the MPhil in Sociology LUCY VAN DE WIEL, Research Associate ^ X ^ Y ^ Z ^ TOP Aytalina Azarova is a Research Associate/Data Manager for a European Research Council funded project examining the relationship between mass privatization and mortality in post-communist Eastern Europe, Priv Mort.

She earned her Ph D at the Political Science Department of Central European University, and prior to coming to Cambridge was involved in research for TARKI Research Institute in Budapest and the Open Society Foundation, as well as serving in a Parliamentary commission on privatization at regional government level in Russia. and Booth (2012) ‘Tensions within the public intellectual: political interventions from Dreyfus to the new social media.’ In: International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society 25 4, pp.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A Dr AYTALINA AZAROVA, Research Associate B Prof PATRICK BAERT, Head of Department, Professor of Social Theory Dr ANNA BAGNOLI, Associate Researcher Dr SAIT BAYRAKDAR, Research Assistant Dr ROBERT BLACKBURN, Emeritus Reader Dr MWENZA BLELL, Lecturer in Sociology Dr JOSH BOOTH, Research and Teaching Associate Dr BRENDAN BURCHELL, Reader in Sociology ^ C Prof MANUEL CASTELLS, Director of Research Dr SHANA COHEN , Associate Researcher Dr RORY COULTER, Research Associate ^ D Dr FILIPE CARREIRA DA SILVA, Affiliated Lecturer Dr MANALI DESAI, Lecturer in Sociology Dr PETER DICKENS, Visiting Senior Research Associate Dr KATIE DOW, Research Associate Dr OLIVIER DRIESSENS, , Research Associate Dr MONTSERRAT GUIBERNAU, Affiliated Researcher Dr ZEYNEP GURTIN, Affiliated Lecturer ^ H Dr STUART HOGARTH, Lecturer in Sociology ^ I Dr MARIA IACOVOU, Reader in Quantitative Sociology Dr GEOFFREY INGHAM, Emeritus Reader DARJA IRDAM, Research Associate ^ J ^ K Dr HAZEM KANDIL, Lecturer in Political Sociology Dr JONATHAN KENNEDY, Associate Researcher Prof LAWRENCE KING, Professor of Sociology ^ L Dr JANELLE LAMOREAUX, Research Associate Prof CHRISTEL LANE, Emeritus Professor Dr DAVID LANE, Emeritus Reader Dr A. In: Sage Handbook of the Philosophy of Social Sciences, eds. DAVID LEHMANN, Emeritus Reader ^ M Prof MICHAEL MANN, Honorary Professor and Director of Research Dr ELLA MCPHERSON, Lecturer in the Sociology of New Media and Digital Technology NOEMIE MERLEAU-PONTY, Research Associate Dr JEFF MILEY, Lecturer in Political Sociology Dr MONICA MORENO FIGUEROA, Lecturer in Sociology Dr MARCUS MORGAN, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow Dr VÉRONIQUE MOTTIER, Fellow of Jesus College ^ N ^ O ^ P ROBERT PRALAT, Research Associate ^ Q Dr MARISSA QUIE, Associate Researcher ^ R Dr MARK RAMSDEN, Lecturer in Sociology Dr MICHAEL RICE, Affiliated Lecturer ^ S GABOR SCHEIRING, Research Associate Professor JACQUELINE SCOTT, Professor of Sociology COHEN R.