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Intended for all buildings older than 10 years and higher than five storeys, the bylaw proposed to a city committee on Wednesday is expected to cost between ,000 and ,000 per building, with mandatory inspections repeated every four or five years.

Chabot, who chairs the Planning and Urban Development committee, says the inspections aren’t cheap, but because a few building owners aren’t responsible enough to care for their properties, a new bylaw is necessary.

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“Its like the Long Gun Registry, where are all the good people were already behaving, but you have a few bad people who are not,” said Chabot.“This is a way of forcing those bad people to comply.” PLATT: 2012 wind wallop prompts new calls for downtown building safety The bylaw isn’t expected to be implemented until 2018 to give property owners time to make upgrades, and the draft proposal has been sent back to tweak sections involving non-profit agencies, and determine who is qualified to make inspections.The result is the Building Maintenance Bylaw — a vital piece of civic legislation that will force building owners to actually pay a professional to periodically inspect their property for potential falling hazards.That, for people walking below, is a very good thing.

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All-in-all, it’s just another brick in the wall — so long as it stays up there.

That seemingly simple expectation is the reason tall building owners in Calgary will soon be paying up to ,000 per property for safety inspections — a cost deemed necessary to keep citizens at street level safe from falling debris.

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