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10-Mar-2016 01:05

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This month marks a significant change in the way the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) manages its Commercial and Government entity (CAGE) codes.

Beginning August 25, any new or updated CAGE code will be assigned an expiration date. Really, all you need to do is keep your System for Award Management (SAM) registration up to date and you will be safe from expiration.

The good news is if your SAM registration does expire you do still have the option to renew it.

Once it is renewed, the CAGE system will receive a notification and your CAGE code will be given a new expiration date.

SAM requires you to update your records at least once a year.

If you do not keep your SAM registration updated your CAGE code is at risk of expiration and your company will not be able to do business with the Federal Government and you will become ineligible for government funding meaning you will not get paid for the work you are already conducting!

Note some of the Extended Systems do not require DUNS.

If your search of the FAPIIS system does not produce a Performance Information section of SAM record, you can go directly to the System for Award Management (SAM) https://gov/ and use the 'Advanced Search' option to locate the entity of interest.

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Search by DUNS, CAGE, or by selecting a filter from the dropdown box.

NOTE: If you enter multiple search criteria, the DUNS code will take precedence. CAGE must be 5 characters; DUNS must be either 9 or 13 characters.

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