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You can build endless layout complexity by nesting more Split Containers.

The latest release of the whitepaper and related code samples an be found here: Whitepaper and Sample Code The following series of mini webcasts support the whitepaper.

Some of the mini webcasts are introductory for those WPF developers new to WCF.

Others focus on specific considerations and illustrates some of the points made in the whitepaper with useful demonstrations.

You can also go to the Code Plex release to download the mini webcasts in WMV format here: Mini webcasts in WMV format Contact Info Please try to use the discussion board for this project for any project-related questions and feedback.

If you have a question not project-related you can email me, Michele Leroux Bustamante, at [email protected] Many thanks to Pierre Huguet, my good friend and colleague in San Diego who put the WPF-ness into the UI for these samples!

Project Description Fully customizable WPF Split Container built from scratch, resizes two child window via movable splitter.

It also supports auto-resize by double clicking the splitter, resizing by keyboard arrow keys, etc.

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As we all know, data binding is the bridge between Model and View in WPF, and the greatest part (at least from my point of view) is the seperation of Model and View (or named as business logic and presentation).

So we decided to develop a custom panel (Split Container class) just like Windows Forms Split Container, which resizes two children as the value of Child1 and Child2 dependency property.

Project Description This project includes a whitepaper, code samples and a short webcast series to help Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) developers work with WCF services.

Topics: proxies, shared libraries, exception handling, concurrency, multithreading, hosting services, and REST-based.

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Introduction Windows Forms has a very handy Split Container control that you can use to resize two child panels.In WPF world we're out of the luck - we must use Grid and Grid Splitter which is not intuive, and most importantly, can only data binding to a collection of children instead of the fixed number of 2.

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