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16-Jun-2015 03:04

The date for when the book of Daniel was written is somewhat controversial.For conservative Christians, the earliest date is about 530 BCE.These methods are: The University of Arizona used advanced methods to carbon date various Dead Sea Scrolls.The oldest copy has been scientifically dated to 125 BCE using carbon dating techniques.Since it is a copy, the original was written long before 125 BCE.By taking this position, bias based on this study is removed. Physical evidence supporting the 165 BCE date comes from the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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Archeologists discovered that the linen wrapping from one end of the Dead Sea Scrolls had lost 22.3% of its Carbon-14 at the time it was found. I don't know how to do it :( I have a test tomorrow Can someone help me?I will give you the setup of the problem and leave the algebra to you. We know at $t = 0$, we have 0\%$ of the Carbon, right? So then we know at $t = 5750$, there is \%$ of the carbon remaining. That gives you enough information to solve for $r$. Plug in your result for $r$ from the previous equation and solve for $t$.For liberal scholars (), the latest data is about 165 BCE.This study uses the late date of 165 BCE as the time stamp for when the book of Daniel was written.

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But how do we know that the Dead Sea Scrolls are credible?Four trustworthy methods have been used to unerringly date when the Dead Sea Scrolls were written.

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