Busters guide to dating

14-Apr-2016 23:53

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Wraparounds: In a spoof of The Mickey Mouse Club, various characters sing about Buster.

Taking inspiration from Bugs Bunny, an animator attempts to create rabbit characters, Buster and Babs Bunny, but discards the sketches.

To Bleep Or Not To Bleep - Fowlmouth tries to ask Shirley on a date, but she shuns him because of his profane language.

Buster then tries to control Fowlmouth after discovering that he does not swear around young children.

Wraparounds: Buster and Babs spin a special wheel to determine the characters that star in each segment.

Devil Doggie - Elmyra Duff mistakes Dizzy Devil for a dog and takes him home with her Optical Intrusion - Furrball accidentally glues a pair of magnetic 3-D glasses to his face and attempts to remove them Win, Lose Or Kerplowie - Babs, Plucky and Montana Max compete on a game show.

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After Buster discovers that Max is cheating, he kidnaps the host and takes his place to get revenge on Max.

Wraparounds: Buster introduces the start of each segment Never Too Late To Loon - Plucky asks Shirley the Loon to turn him into Albert Einstein to help pass a math test, only to fail the test because Einstein had poor grades as a youth.

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