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God knows why all the residents don’t just up sticks to Yabbie Creek or “the city”.Not that Ramsay Street is much better: there have been two plane crashes and too many car accidents to count.But now the pair have a new reason for rivalry: both have former cast members vying for superstardom in Hollywood. Russell Crowe played petty thief Kenny Larkin in Neighbours, while the late Heath Ledger was Home and Away bad boy Scott Irwin, who briefly led Sally Fletcher astray.But those were small parts: the current crop all had decent runs on the soaps — and the embarrassing storylines they entail — before heading across the Pacific. Summer Bay has suffered more plagues than God inflicted on Egypt: there’s been a landslide, a sinking cruise ship, three crazy cults and so many cancer deaths that the writers eventually had to dream up a carcinogenic waste dump in the area to explain this “cancer cluster”.So which actors have escaped Summer Bay and Ramsay Street and are now making it big? The actress often mistaken for Amy Adams starred in Confessions of a Shopaholic and The Great Gatsby.Fisher has complained about the lack of roles for funny women in Hollywood.Still, 2014 should be Lucas’s year: she’s starring in Knights of Cups with Natalie Portman, Electric Slide with Chloë Sevigny and Careful What You Wish For with some people you’ve never heard of.

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The “only in a soap” storyline: Reed’s taste in men leaves a little to be desired.

She dated her foster brother, a drug dealer and a violent thug who leaves her foster mother in a coma. The 29-year-old is best known for her role in the third Transformers film, a movie where the robots outperform the actors.

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