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” Though she found it difficult to pick her favorite picture, the one below eventually made it to the top spot when Brighton said, “I love this one because I think it really perfectly portrays the love we have for each other.” As for wedding planning, Brighton told The Knot, “I am a HUGE planner so as soon as we got in engaged I was planning full force.” The couple announced their December 22, 2015 engagement with a photo of Reed down on one knee on Brighton’s Instagram account, and with another, point-of-view proposal picture shared by both Reed and his new fiancee.“Right now it’s much slower because I planned so much in the beginning and now it’s just the little details,” Brighton said, sharing that she and her fiance’s cousin, ’s Rebecca Robertson, chat about their upcoming wedding plans when they get the opportunity.

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Our photographer did an absolutely amazing job at doing that!“It’s really really beautiful, it kind of reminds me of the movie with the long tree lined driveway.” She also revealed that this location where she and Reed would be having their wedding ceremony!“It is significant because it is also where we are getting married and where we will be starting our lives together,” she said, adding that they would be staying in the little log cabin for “the first few months of our marriage.” Taking a moment off from her Spring Break to snap the beautiful photos with photographer Carolynn Siebert, Brighton recalled her favorite moment of the Saturday, March 5 shoot as the drive to the property.Brighton disclosed to The Knot that the property was recently purchased by her parents who are building a new home there, and the couple plan on living there as well.

“We aren’t living with my parents, there is a little log cabin house that will be just perfect for us,” Brighton told The Knot.“Me and Rebecca talk wedding on the few chances we get to see each other.