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(as a scheming gynaecologist), where he met his best mate Keith Allen.

He has even played the tragic playboy Dodi Fayed, and it sounds like there’s a lot of party animal still left in this family man.

Despite the leading-man looks, he is not interested in being a star.

Baseball's grand stage this year was something bigger, better.

'But I got in touch afterwards and that was that,’ he says with the unrepentant grin of a man who finds it hard to deny himself fun.

As we pass some of his favourite Blackheath restaurants, he muses, ‘I do love good food and wine.’The TV comedy reunited him with Martin Freeman, an old friend from his days at drama school and later the National Theatre.

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‘I helped the midwife to deliver Ava, and she said, “You’ve done this before.” And I had – but only on a prosthetic dummy in !’ says Patrick, son of an English nurse, Rosemary, and a Syrian doctor, Joseph, who was once gynaecologist to Colonel Gaddafi’s wife in Libya (‘I got into a lot of trouble with my dad for revealing that’).

This is the age of the blended family, and for every family, that carries a different meaning.… continue reading »

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