Breast cancer survivor dating who is samantha dorrance dating

31-Jul-2015 12:29

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If you don’t have a partner, you may feel apprehensive about meeting new people and dating.You may be nervous about telling them you’ve had breast cancer, unsure when to give them this information and anxious about starting a physical relationship.Sometimes dealing with changes in body image after breast cancer treatment can be more difficult for younger women to deal with.Photos of surgery scars and mastectomies can be scary and make you feel you will never look or feel normal again.Side effects from drug treatments may also result in a loss of libido or vaginal dryness.If you and your partner are having issues with intimacy: If your breast cancer treatment involves a mastectomy or other surgery, you may have concerns about body image.Here are some tips on dealing with dating after breast cancer: You might also like to check out our information on sex after breast cancer.If you have a partner, you may find that your physical relationship changes, that you don’t feel as able to share some feelings and emotions as you once did, or that your priorities in life have changed.

Remember you have both been through a trying time and a significant life event.

You will both have changed and this means you may need to devote more time to your relationship to "rediscover" each other. Breast cancer and its treatment will affect your body and some women find they lose confidence after treatment, that they feel less sexy or uncomfortable in their own skin.

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