Boys and girls expectations when dating

02-Oct-2016 09:11

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When a boy meets a girl, it is more of a physical encounter than an emotional moment.It is easy and natural for his mind to move toward sexual arousal, while she may be more inclined to entertain romantical thoughts and expectations.This is why a boy kissing a girl can excite his hormones, which can tempt him to fast track to more aggressive and steamier physical interplay.While the act of kissing can just as easily lead to physical interplay for a girl, it is initially about emotional engagement, relational harmony, and a sense of belonging.The typical guy takes a more physical approach to love, while the typical girl takes a more emotional approach.

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Most girls want to be married and they want to be romanced. It is our job as parents to be intentional by predetermining that we will serve our girls in the area of guarding their hearts.

They come prewired by God to be pursued, to be looked at, and to be loved (Genesis -23). The unguarded heart is one of the biggest dangers in dating.