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Our most popular 5-Day Teen Dating Violence Prevention program explores signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships, sexual assault and sexual harassment (including use of social media and technology), consent, bystander intervention, resources to help a friend or loved one and communication skills geared to promote a healthy relationship.We tailor all of our programs to reflect the needs and time frame of the group and/or educator, and can accommodate various models, mainly small groups and classes.If a situation doesn’t apply to you, please make your best guess about how you would answer if that situation happened to you.Women Helping Women’s education department provides Teen Dating Violence Prevention education on healthy and unhealthy relationships, sexual assault, and bystander intervention to empower youth to engage in safe and healthy relationships. We want to empower youth with education and choices as they begin dating, and influence our leaders to make legislative changes that reflect the alarming statistics. In: Krug E, Dahlberg LL, Mercy JA, Zwi AB, Lozano R, eds. Geneva, Switzerland: World Health Organization; 2002:1–56. BOUNDARIES QUIZ INSTRUCTIONS: Read through the 20 relationship scenarios described below.The information presented is excellent and very valuable as they are the age many of the laws pertain to.

Teenagers are among the most at-risk age group to experience violence in their dating relationships, and one of the most poorly represented and protected by our government and society. We want our youth to know that they have a right to a violence-free relationship, as do those around them.

Women Helping Women’s education programs are evidence-based, interactive and current to ensure a productive, engaging experience.

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