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So why not go and see Stephen Sachs’ Bakersfield Mist, running until the end of March 2015. Dining in style is a great way to get your blind date talking.Cupid has joined forces with the Gourmet Society to give dating couples a FREE two-month membership with up to 50% off meals at 6500 UK restaurants, including hundreds in the capital such as Café Rouge, Bella Italia, Prezzo, Beefeater, La Tasca and Strada. British aloofness dictates that we’re ‘forbidden’ from talking to people on tube trains or buses; yet the irony is that it’s perfectly acceptable to unburden your worries to a silent cab driver, a complete stranger who’s driving you home.Cupid recommends a comedy (not a tragedy) as a light-hearted way to start your blind date with a smile.The quiz itinerary includes a ‘round of cheese’ or ‘feel the power ballad’ section. Britain’s ancient capital has a wise old head on its shoulders.As London singles on a blind date you can pull out with tact if the night is too young for a disco – though the quiz should give you plenty of conversation topics. One way to make a blind date successful in the city is finding something that you’ll both have in common. You or your date may go into a head spin – but who cares? Its history, cultural diversity and natural landmarks are the perfect backdrop for creating great memories on a date.

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So ‘lose yourself in London’, as the band St Etienne proclaimed.

For those on a budget, take a stroll along the Thames or poke around the Science and Natural History Museums. There’s plenty to catch your eye (next to your date) of course.

Just think: The next time you rub shoulders with one of 8 million strangers on the tube, one of them could be your new special someone…

Around 200 single women attended a speed dating event with unmarried male soldiers at a local military canteen in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province on Saturday.

The boards in London’s West End theatres are creaking under the weight of performers. And, although you can’t see them up close and personal beforehand, there’s a healthy talent pool to dip into. Blind dates are an exception: you’re You may not know your date from Adam or Eve – but here are a few ideas to help with your blind date in London. A trip to a London theatre is a great idea for a blind date, providing of course you go for a drink before and after the show to become acquainted.