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25-Jan-2016 19:21

‘I’ve always said, I don’t know if boys are just for fun and girls are for soul mates,’ Katie tells Sophie as they enjoy a bottle of bubbles in the candlelit garden. But although Sophie remains guarded, she asks: ‘Who do you feel most strongly towards, Alex, Adam or me? Honestly, I really do.’ Still, as Katie and Sophie get closer, the other girls in the villa are pretty upset at the boys attitude towards the idea of a gay couple in the house.

And as Cara and Kady discuss the ‘pathetic’ way the boys are acting, things turn nasty as Kady and Scott come to blows.

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It’s pathetic, it’s not real life porn, it’s people’s relationships.’ Cara adds that she is ‘offended’ by their actions but Nathan says that it is a ‘big deal’.

‘The boys are annoying me a little bit because they keep going on about it.

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Plutôt que de lancer des programmes de garderie universels, affirment les auteurs, les gouvernements devraient veiller à ce que les familles « à risque » susceptibles d'être désavantagées pour préparer les enfants aux études aient accès à des services de garde de qualité.… continue reading »

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