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14-Mar-2015 22:15

Every year in the third weekend of October, the school invites the parents of all students to come for the weekend from Friday to Monday.On Friday and Saturday students bring their parents and/or relatives to classes and the parents can shadow harkness discussions in all subjects.It’s a great way for parents to see how harkness works and to watch their student(s) in the classroom.It’s always very busy on campus with parents and relatives around, but it also makes the campus feel more like home!

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Double Icky Someone who tries to isolate you or drive a wedge between you and your family and friends, it may sem romantic or sweet at first, but someone who wants you all to themselves and wants to be around you 24/7 is someone to run far, far away from.

Thats just a few off the top of my head, if I come up with any others, I’ll add some more later.

I am so glad to be back on campus for my junior (or upper year)!

This year has already gone full speed and I am busy with work, volleyball, and music but that just made this weekend all the more relaxing.

Ick, be a grown up and take responsibility for your own life and decisions.

Possessiveness, someone who wants to know where you are all the time, wants the password to your phone, social media accounts, etc.

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