Bible different races dating

15-Aug-2016 21:30

The harlot, Rahab, also of another nation, is included in the lineage of Christ as recorded in Matthew 1.Colossians makes it clear that from God's perspective all are one in Christ.

By Kelli Mahoney Question: Is Interracial Dating Biblical?

Unfortunately prejudice and racism is still a worldwide issue.

The Bible is clear that when both parties are believers (equally yoked), interracial marriage is not wrong.

A Christian couple contemplating marriage must prayerfully and carefully consider the impact their marriage will have within heir cultural context, their family relationships, future children and the society in which they live.

Interracial marriages are becoming more common in many societies.

All couples contemplating marriage need to give thoughtful consideration to a variety of practical issues, some of which may have no clear Biblical imperative.