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07-Sep-2016 03:19

I'm going to assume you already know this girl and you are already pretty intimate with her.

Because proposing sexchat is much like proposing sex; a very rude thing to do to strangers.

The very first thing you ask her is: "Would you like to do chatsex with me?

" And if she says no, don't send her any sexually explicit messages.

You just need a sexy voice who can play with you naughty feelings inside you. Its simple and easy just imagine to be partner as sexy as you want and imagine every thing like it is happening in real, for girls, imagine her dick inside you using your finger ,for boys ,imagine her vaigina using your palm and grip.

You can perform any position which you can dream of ,no restriction on imagination whether you are fat or thin just imagine you are fucking brad pit or angelina jolie,its all on your fantasy.

It's better not to write about what she would do, that's her part.

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So now , sex chat is a tool whichcan eliminate every disadvantage of real sex and believe me you really feel the same just in sex chat you have fingers or your palm inspite of having penis or vagina respectively.

If she says yes, describe to her what you would like to do to her, explicitly.

Then wait for a reply from her, in which she describes her reaction.

First of all ask so e questions to yourself and answer them truly to your self .

The questions are :1- Can you excited by talking to a older age partner?Parents are often quick to remind their children to never start a chat with strangers out in public or in the street, but what about the Internet?