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12-Dec-2015 05:54

A Meeting for a Dream House By Ramin Takloo-Bighash On Sunday July 1, 2007, the Iranian-American Cultural Society of Maryland (IACS) had its first public meeting for the Little Persia Project.

“Little Persia” is a nickname selected by the IACS for the future IACS Center.

The site of the meeting was the Louisiana Restaurant in Fell’s Point, Baltimore. Khosro Saki, who graciously provided the main hall of the restaurant for the meeting.

A captivated audience listened to the IACS board members as they presentedtheir goals and visions in creating the new IACS cultural center.

During the presentation, the IACS Board members, under the title of “A House of Our Own” explained the vision of the future IACS center, our house: The IACS Center, Little Persia, will act as the headquarters of the IACS, and not only will it give its numerous activities a home, it will also give it a chance to grow and expand.

Our center will be unique in that: The new IACS Board of Directors recognized the two past IACS presidents, Dr Mahvash Shahegh (1st from left), and Dr Majid Jahangiri for their continuous support.

The fund-raising was a complete success: almost everyone who attended the meeting made a financial contribution to the project. This amount was then supplemented by a contribution of ,000 by the IACS from the past contributions of the members for this project.

The audience included faces from industry, business, academia, and thearts communities.

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The presentation was based on the “Little Persia” booklet which gives the details of the project.This booklet starts with the mission statement of the project: “To establish a center that provides a venue for multicultural activities for preservation, appreciation, and reinforcement of Iranian art, music, and culture.” It further provides information about the society: ”The Iranian-American Cultural Society of Maryland (“IACS”) is the oldest society of its kind in the United States (The aim of this gathering was to create awareness and excitement in the Iranian-American community about the project, and also to give the IACS the opportunity to collect financial contributions from interested individuals for the project.A ceiling of 00 was placed on contributions to encourage all present to make a contribution regardless of their financial status.

It was founded in 1966 and subsequently registered in 1968 as a non-profit organization in the State of Maryland.

Through its almost 40 year history, IACS, fully funded by contributions by its members and run completely by grass-root volunteers, has maintained its non-religious, non-political character, and its sole purpose has been the promotion of Iranian heritage and culture with emphasis on the integration of Iranian-American families in the greater American society.” This booklet will be used as a source for future grant proposals that the society will prepare for various institutions.

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