Bhfq is not updating

09-Aug-2016 03:12

Actually, the situation is much MUCH more serious: two different icons are present on the map I mentioned, but tracking down 'what links here' for the redirected icon suggests there could be 150-200 maps with the same problem!zh: Template:索契輕級捷運RDT I know that Silas W is doing a proofreading for the project page. The re-routing will be between Springfield, MA and Brattleboro, VT.If you don't find this idea too trivial, you may add this information to the hint section, only if you got the time and mood to do so. The problem is, for some reason my revision has unnecessarily widened the template. Thank you.--Oakshade (talk) , 6 February 2010 (UTC) lol. I'm going to leave it for now as it's not terrible.I know there has been considerable churn regarding icon names over recent months, but this shows a lack of care at applying due process -- icon name or graphic changes should never damage live maps as you never know when a user will access them.

I used a trick in my RDT in Chinese WP to display the Chinese (tentative) translation for a Russian RDT with a tidier formate to display.

In the older version I placed the original Russian text in the note 2 case so that they are still aligned to right side rather than following the main text (which is occupied by the Chinese translation) in note 1 so they wouldn't align to either side.

Now you got the idea, it literally adds more column cell, thx to that the "table row separater" |- is written before rather than after the syntax of row. If there's no response for 1 week I will directly request for editprotected.

Perhaps the original German creator of the template has already predicted that! Thx -- Sameboat - 同舟 (talk) , 5 February 2010 (UTC) I've updated Template: Vermonter for Amtrak's Vermonter as a re-routing and new stations has been approved.

--Alison W (talk) , 7 February 2010 (UTC) Just noticed a problem on Disused railway stations (Newton Abbot to Kingswear Line), where a perfectly good map has been damaged by the deletion of some icons.

The user is now seeing a couple of error icons in place of stations.

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