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02-Jul-2015 23:56

As you might imagine, that’s not a simple question.Live streaming cameras vary widely in quality, price, and the details of how they connect to your system.Assuming you have the software tools installed to create the finished video content and embed it to a web site or upload it to a streaming platform, there are no special additional tools or efforts necessary because of the camera itself.Some are more flexible than others, some are more user-friendly than others, some provide a higher quality image than others.As with so many other questions involved in how to broadcast live, much depends on exactly what you want to do.A webcam doesn’t have its own Internet connection or IP address, so a computer is required to connect to a network and process the image into a form that can be streamed.The advantages of webcams are simplicity of use and price.

You can find a decent-quality webcam for around 0, assuming the screen webcam in your computer is too limiting.(Except for video phone conversations, it probably is.)Webcams are easy to use as well.