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14-May-2015 17:30

The IDA has €600m-plus worth of business wins lined up for 2012, mainly in the technology, biotechnology and science fields."The technology sector generated 4,000 jobs last year," said ICT Ireland director Paul Sweetman, "and there will be 200 job announcements this month alone." So courses like software engineering, computer science, software development and design are ones to consider.Earning power: €40,000 a year and upwards "The business needs maths graduates, actuarial graduates, computer programmers, digital marketers, social media and Google analytics experts," said Sharon Byrne of the Irish Bookmakers' Association.

WHAT career paths should the classes of 2012 follow in order to make a living after college?So, where will the jobs be when you graduate in 2015, and what courses can you choose in order to bag them?Companies like Zynga, Quest, Google, Intel and Amgen have made big investments here in the past 12 months, and that bodes well for employment prospects in a few years' time.Its graduate trainee programme takes on people with degrees in business, IT, e Commerce, maths, statistics, marketing and business analytics.

Earning power: Paddy Power grads get an "attractive package" including salary, bonus, pension, healthcare and life cover.

Accountancy It's one of the few traditional safe havens left.

It left no crater, but trees were scorched and flattened over a vast area. A layer of black dust suggested cometary origin - possibly a fragment of Comet Encke.… continue reading »

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