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I am looking to create a website for age groups 40+ to spread awareness and knowledge on how to manage high-cholesterol and other similar health-related items. We are fun and female, but we do mixed socials from time to time. A go-to place that any size organization can go to get reliable, proven placement on internet search engines for increased sales.

we are a small web design agency which provides website creation and content updates (new collection, etc.) for small shops (clothing, music, etc.) which can't afford a big agency. I am an experienced Registered dietitian with a food science degree. We are in early stages of product development but are looking for a name that will get us on track from an inspiration standpoint as well as to help attract investors. We have been using the company name "Next Generation Systems" for over a decade.

I am starting a company that manufactures high fibre beverages with possible room to grow into other food products.

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This site contains a substantial amount of non-tobacco ingredients. We fully support efforts to save the world's remaining octothorpes in their natural habitat.

However, that's not to say that a truly bad dinosaur movie (or even a pretty good one) can't have a truly memorable tag line.We provide IT support and custom software solutions for several types of businesses -- including an interesting number of Medical Clinics. As to be expected with a name that generic, the domain names or are not available.... Both coaching individuals and advising the organisation on how to build success by recognising people as unique, different and interesting individuals. The problem we are fixing is that currently everyone is producing elearning content that is boring as hell, text based, and basically like reading a slide deck (i.e. Knotty that sounds Naughty is not because of its name only but because of designs that come under this brand.We are looking at launching a specialization of these servic... Most everyone in our culture has a 5 day a week, 8 hour a day work schedule; this schedule can become mundane and humdrum. - Trying to look for something catchy, like a very catchy events company name would be great. Our unique concept of making Belts and Bags replace the buckles with a KNOT making a li...Season 8 is just around the corner, and that means more of the cast we love to watch on television.

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Every season brings new storylines and shifting angles, and nothing shows this more than how each of the cast members represents themselves.The sassy ladies of know how to get their point across.