Best dating movies of 2016s

07-Aug-2015 23:11

His only aesthetic was: If it felt good to him…why not?

(That’s what made a movie like his 1953 transvestite confessional “Glen or Glenda” so sincere.) Most cinematic ineptitude isn’t touched by Wood’s tacky purity, but the tendency toward a child’s-eye view still applies.

The torpor is interrupted by several “car chases” — it’s actually just one car — which Smith shoots as if he were suddenly making his action-film audition reel. Maybe it’s understandable that Fassbender looks even more tortured than usual. But mostly because Fassbender is a big actor who needs a major martyr climax.

His indie-cred side has always led him to make some odd choices — like when he played a version of the papier-mâché-headed English musician Frank Sidebottom in “Frank,” a movie that had no more psychology than a hipster greeting card. It’s hard to say what the title of “Trespass Against Us” actually means, but then it’s hard to know what anything in this movie thinks it’s about.

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