Best cellphone dating

13-Jan-2016 23:30

Now, in many cases, "the three-day rule has become the three-hour rule," Liberman said.

Most single people with smartphones expect to communicate within 24 hours after a good first date, the poll showed.

Nearly one of four wouldn't rule out cutting off an exclusive relationship that way.

Out of those singles, a majority said they soured after getting somewhere upward of 15 messages a day.Unwelcome messages could lead to an especially unwelcome reply: More than half of the singles said they would consider breaking up with someone they were casually dating through a text message, the survey showed.Yet singles who text too eagerly could also find themselves in the doghouse.Nearly half of singles polled said they had gotten annoyed with someone they dated for texting them too much.

Most smartphone users said they would be OK with a date whipping out a phone to take a call or answer an email or text, as long as they provide a good explanation.

Decades ago, the rule of thumb was waiting three days to call after a date, said Greg Liberman, chief executive of Spark Networks, which owns JDate, Christian Mingle and other dating websites.