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16-Apr-2016 14:21

Yes, I agree that if she has sexual rights, so do you. The better way out is BOTH of you get ready and be ready, for all the fun and good times – hopefully – but also all the responsibility, the ups and downs that having sex also brings with it.

Small steps go a long way And here is the real thing.

that they have to decide on their own, whenever they are ready, simple!

You see this rather a classic situation and there are some pet lines or phrases one comes up with.

Let’s go through some of them and see how boys try and convince girls and what that actually amounts to. Now let’s say you start the chat on sex with your gf. “Baby, if you love me, let’s have sex,” or “If you love me, you will never say no to me.” ? Then comes the other classic: “What is your problem, everyone is doing it, why can’t you?

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You know, you guys give the lady some respect, some time.

Don’t pressurise her, let her be, be her friend and her buddy.