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Connie, Kim Lankford and Lisa Hartman in the other. Once when Joan suspected that Donna had stolen some hair ribbons that Joan needed for a scene, she confronted Donna in her trailer.

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Donna didn't want to be caught dead in the same scene with Claudia. Rue stayed pissed that she wasn't being paid nearly as much as Bea and Betty, Estelle constantly forgot her lines and held up production, the Bea/Betty feud, etc. I always thought it was odd how Rachel just sort of vanished and left her son there. I know everyone hated Kirk Cameron's religious high horse act.And I remember rumors that everyone on set made fun of Tracey's battle with the bulge even to her face.And of course, there was the ongoing Viv/Frawley feud.Any scoop on Family Matters I didn't think they hated each other.

What I am saying is that I can have them any time I want." Joan then slapped Donna before running off.

That was the type of drama that was happening on the set.