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He is determined to save his fiancée, Serah Farron, from her fate as a l'Cie despite Serah's sister Lightning's disapproval of their relationship.

He eventually sets on a journey to save Cocoon—a fal'Cie-built utopia where they live.

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, Snow goes off in search of Lightning who has disappeared, being the only one to believe Serah's claims that her sister is still alive.He wears a beige trench coat with frayed hems that functions as his weapon as it is fused with Antimatter Manipulation Principle (AMP) technology.Snow Villiers is a playable character in Final Fantasy XIII who appears as a guest character in Final Fantasy XIII-2, and as a non-playable character in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.In Final Fantasy XIII, Snow leads the neighborhood watch group NORA in the town of Bodhum.

Snow has light blond hair, blue eyes, and a stubble beard.An irrepressible, fiery young man, Snow dives headfirst into danger using nothing but his powerful physique as a weapon.