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He went to Burbank and was signed for a 6-month deal with TV soap opera Days of Our Lives.Having halted his studied, he went back to Texas in 1992 and finished graduation from Richardson High School.He began to slowly land small roles in some TV shows and landed a role in Malibu Shores, which led him to work in 7th Heaven.This was one of the most popular roles he had played in his career, and it led him to major success; not to mention the award nominations and interviews.He went on to appear in many shows and movies too; and his recent works include The Chateau Meroux (2011), Gossip Girl (2012), Wilfred (2013), Far from Home (2014), Ominous (2015) and others.His ability to justly portray any character with feelings is what has made him so successful, and his hard work is his key to success.Regarding his approach to new roles, he said “It doesn’t matter who you are going to play; it only matters if you understand your character. He was born in a middle class family, which had mixed European ethnicity; particularly around Germany and Scotland.

Director Linda Seto guided him after he took classes at the Dallas Young Actors Studio.

Meanwhile, his parents got divorced and so he decided to start making a living for which he moved to California.

After his first role, he was lured to go back to California and at the age of 19, he did return for acting.

With his big dream in his head, he worked at the House of Blues nightclub as a car parker to support his living.

Could be a rich guy or a beggar or a bisexual, you really need to study your character and connect to feel it, so that your viewers can connect and feel it too.” Barry was born on the 23rd of April, 1974 in Traverse City, Michigan, U. He was born to an attorney father and a paralegal mother; as the third out of four kids.

After moving to Dallas, he began his career in modeling as a child model and also got into acting.