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06-Jan-2016 02:49

And all of this could get more complicated still if one were Indian and the other wasn't, and so on and so forth.

But normally: No, I shared rooms with all and sundry there, was never an issue nor did it even raise any eyebrows. On the other hand, I've known hotels with just that remarkably high overturn of rooms indeed (& the according constant noise in the hallways, which is likely as much as you'll ever notice of it.

i mean is it illegal for an unmarried couple to share a room in a hotel?? We've never had any problems in hotels in India, in several states, with different religious managements and room rates, high and low, over the last 25 years. I think India on the whole is a rather conservative country and some western dating practices might be taken as a little, ahem, loose.

or or do they always have to take different rooms?? The question gets asked quite a lot on this site, so you could just search around for it.

The OP seems concerned with "legality" and special paperwork required. Just don't make a big deal about it or pretend you are married if it makes you more comfortable!

Come to think of it: Spent a short week with a lady friend (not: girlfriend) of mine in a hotel in Paharganj who was staying there long-term, they never charged us extra for it even. 'Course when I was young there were time times when I needed such. It's no real bother, just doors opening and closing all the time, and high-spirited people chatting away some.) Not too many in India, I agree.

The OP may be innocent enough to have missed the implication to the "entertainment" trade. Perhaps more so in that way-bottom-bracket that even you & I let alone the guidebooks will have trouble to find.

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as for the need of the journey, we might have to rent a room at a hotel for a few hours to refresh.

so is it legal if we rent one room for both of us, just for a couple of hours, or do we have to rent separate rooms?