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"I'm insane." But he isn't crazy — he's just finally joined the ranks of those who both know about and want to stop the bug infestation.It occurs to me that I should've come up with some sort of special name for those people (the Bugbusters? ), but with only one episode of remaining, it's a bit too late for that.It's properly funny to watch Gareth's brain do the requisite mental gymnastics, and it's achingly human to see him lying in bed, alone with his new knowledge.While NME is now free, if you don't live near to one of our many distribution points, you can still sign up for a subscription and have NME delivered straight to your door each week.To find out more click the subscriptions link below.") Laurel brings him into the inner circle of Gustav, Rochelle, and Gustav's pal, the CDC doctor, and immediately, he's in over his head.He flips out even more when Gustav mysteriously whispers, "They're not of this world." What's great about this development is the way it leverages the humor and the humanity of someone who learns a horrible new truth about the world in which they live.Random quibble: Why do the bugs need to lay eggs on a specific sort of flower?

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