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14-Feb-2016 08:50

Within this perspective, social life is a "performance" carried out by "teams" of participants in three places: "front stage," "back stage," and "off stage."The dramaturgical perspective also emphasizes the importance of the "setting," or context, in shaping the performance, the role a person's "appearance" plays in social interaction, and how the "manner" of a person's behavior shapes interaction and fits into and influences the overall performance.Running through this perspective is a recognition that social interaction is shaped by the time and place in which it occurs, as well as by the "audience" present to witness it.The idea that we, as social beings, play different roles throughout our daily lives, and display different kinds of behavior depending on where we are and what time of day it is, is familiar to most.Most of us, whether consciously or unconsciously, behave somewhat differently as our professional selves versus our friend or party selves, or our at home and intimate selves.The American sociologist Erving Goffman presented the dramaturgical perspective in the 1959 book .

From Goffman's view, "front stage" behavior is what we do when we know that others are watching or aware of us.In other words, it's how we behave and interact when we have an audience.