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08-Mar-2016 18:35

Make sure that you have configured your firewall or any other security programs to allow Ad-Aware network access. In the 'Critical Objects' tab you can either select each object individually by checking the box beside it, or use the selection options in the context menu.

If necessary, you can temporarily turn off your firewall, but be sure to turn it on again after you have completed the registration procedure. For each selected critical object, you can choose to: * Add to Ignore: Add the object to the Ignore List; keep the item on your system and make sure it is not detected in future scans. You can either select each object individually by checking the box beside it, or use the selection options in the context menu. Below your license you can find a letter icon: 'E-mail Serial Number' and clicking it will automatically send an email with the serial number to your registered email address.

Stop the Service (if started) and then right click/properties. After a scan is finished you get the 'Scan Results' screen, where detected objects are separated into critical objects and privacy objects.

Under Logon, check "Allow service to interact with desktop", click OK and restart the service and then retry the web-update. The total number of critical objects and privacy objects detected during the scan are listed at the top of each tab.

If you get a failure message, do the following: o Click "Start Menu" to open "Control Panel," "Internet Options," "Connections" and then "LAN Settings." This will display more settings for the TCP port that you can modify to pass your proxy server. We send out notification mails from [email protected], make sure that this address is allowed.

Do the same for Ad-Aware and then retry the web-update. We recommend that you arrange a scan to occur soon after (10 minutes, for example) a scheduled updating task finishes.

automatic updating of drivers devices 11 0 0 1116 multi-51

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If this does not work the first time, please try again. "Thank you for registering Ad-Aware" will appear once successful, Click ? After the Definition File has been pulled or pushed to clients, it will not be deployed until a scanning operation has been invoked by the Ad-Aware Enterprise Server service. Ad-Aware will connect to the Internet to validate your registration. You will find your license status in the Main status menu of Ad-Aware, including License type and remaining days.If your serial number/registration key/activation code has been lost, there is a quick and easy way to get it back. To determine if your Ad-Aware Enterprise Server can download the Definition File: * Click the "Check Ad-Aware Definition File" button. Turn off all security software like Firewalls (check your router firewall as well) and any Antivirus programs. Restart Ad-Aware and try to do a webupdate if you haven't activated the automatic update.If clicking the button results in a success message, the connection is working. If you do not get an error message and successfully manages to update, you need to configure your security software to grant Ad-Aware network access, before turning them on again. Make sure to check your mail-client's spam-box or spam-filter for our mails.

*Go to, C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware and right click on AAWService.exe, select properties in popup menu and in the Compatibility tab. The updated Definition File will not be activated even if Ad-Aware 2008 Professional starts a new scan.Change the Compatibility mode to "Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP" , click ‘apply’ then ‘ok’. ) that is placed near the bottom-right corner of the screen, under 'License Status'. The only way to activate the new Definitions File is to run a scan that is invoked by the Ad-Aware Enterprise Server service.

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