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Liu is an outstanding writer, this book is excellent, and when future generations look to exemplify the zeitgeist of early twenty-first century speculative fiction this will be one of the first volumes to which they turn.However, my blood's up so let's get back to those metaphors. Both Danielewski's fans do and his professional critics consider his work as a particularly intricate key with eyes toward a potential lock; the frame, instead, allows us to situate it on a keyring, and go from there.(2016), I took the excuse first to reread all the preceding books, and few exercises in revisiting childhood favorites have been so vindicating, so filled with wonder, sorrow, delight, and ultimately joy.In other words, my reread merely reflected the books' contents back at me.

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But he doesn’t seem to want the cross-contamination. That is, they make the choice their culture says they should make, and because of this, they die, tragically. We're reading not just hwarhath fiction, but It seems that Mc Killip is inviting us to ask ourselves: did all those glorious quests really matter? Were they as central to the fate of the world as their protagonists would have us believe? When the end credits roll, I know that I'm meant to go home and distil my impressions into words.

Yet here the credits are, and I don't really feel like I understand what I've just watched.

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