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16-Feb-2015 16:58

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They are not maids, butlers, super-secretaries, who clean up the office.But as an effective member of the legal team they can greatly assist in dustbunnies of the type depicted by the judge.

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How many of these dustbunnies would have been prevented in your office and how many would likely have begun gathering in the small spaces between the files piled on the legal team members’ desks?

Talk to your attorneys about what can be done to improve your skills in this regard, to improve the office to more effectively utilize those skills, and to improve the working relationship of the legal team. OK, homily over, here’s the judge’s post: Have you ever noticed that mistakes and missteps seem to pile up in some cases despite your best efforts, just like those dustbunnies that pile up under that buffet in your dining room no matter how hard you try? Bellino, decided by the Court of Appeals on November 2, 2010, is one of those “dustbunny” cases, and it merits your attention. In 1995, he and Margaret executed a joint account agreement declaring the account to be a joint tenancy with right of survivorship.

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