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Where: 15 Rue du Cure, L-1368 Luxembourg City When: Open Monday – Saturday, to Contact: 28 77 47 88; [email protected]: French café culture meets Scandinavian design in this perfect pairing; what better omen for those looking for love?

Intimate enough that you can have a deep and meaningful with someone interesting you meet, but bustling enough to mask awkward pauses in conversation.

Expect to find a range of singles from 35-65, if that’s your thing.

If not, you should still go to listen to the glorious bespoke cocktails, funky atmosphere and sophisticated chat you’re likely to overhear.

Great location next to the Duke’s palace, one holds out hopes for a real Prince/ss Charming turning up one day to hob-nob.

Any bar that advertises having an 80s night for Valentine’s day, a ‘Swing-a-ling-ding-dong’ for Christmas and a table-tennis beer party with the slogan ‘get your balls wet’ may not rank the highest on your list for a classy night out.

Welcome to the dating scene of Luxembourg, where everyone knows everyone!

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If you strike it lucky, you can extend the evening at the theatre next door; if you strike it really lucky, it’s close enough to Hamilius that you can catch a number of buses straight home. Where: 1 Rue Beaumont, 1219 Luxembourg When: Open every day at various times Contact: 27 99 06 06 or [email protected]: When trying to chat someone up, it’s always a good idea if you have at least a few words in common.You can be sure of some English spoken in Urban Bar, which is a magnet for the international crowd in the old town.