Asus android weather widget not updating

06-Jun-2015 12:13

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And if your tastes are that specific, why not build your own widget and make it your contribution to the sea of choice?

Before you head off to the Play Store for another clock widget hunt, drop by in the slide-show where we rounded up ten widget-y timekeepers that we thought will look really cool on your home-screen.

So this widget doesn't always have to be as simple as it looks.

Constructed out of six lines - no less, no more - this widget is the literal meaning of minimalism in clocks.

Still, color and shape settings are available in its options menu, along with the ability to display data.

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An in-built layout editor ensures that you'll spend almost as much time on customizing this widget as you spent on pimping your entire phone.The good ol' Jelly Bean clock widget looks just as good on a Kit Kat device as it did on Android 4.1 phones and tablets when they were brand new.The Android horologists seem to be mostly about minimalism these days, but among the many widgets built with clean, straight lines you'll also find some original takes on bringing an analog watch-face on a smartphone screen.When it comes to Android clock widgets, minimalistic is where it's at.

I have my weather widget set to update every hour and it will no longer update. Even if I press the refresh icon on it, it still won't refresh and give me the proper weather.

Everything on Android can be customized, including the way you want to see the current time and date on your screen.